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Spring 2016 First Impressions

Hi everyone!

Usually I wait until I’ve seen 3 episodes or so of a series before I make up my mind for what to watch for the season, but with spring 2016 there were just so many animes that looked fantastic, so I decided to try some first impressions. It’ll be fun to look back at the end of the season and see how wrong I was how my thoughts change. Anyways, this will be the first of a new segment on my neglected little site, but please give it some love! ❤

Well then, shall we start? (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ Continue reading “Spring 2016 First Impressions”

Scanlation Basics: Unbinding Manga

Hi guys! Welcome to another one of my scanlation tutorials. I’m actually writing these out of order, but the one after this (Lesson 4) should put everything back in place!
(Okay yeah I just gave up on the banner pic, too tired… LOL w/e)

Anyhow before you scan manga, which I talk about in my next tutorial, you’ll need to learn about how to take them apart first. (DUH!) I’ve only used the hairdryer method because it was the easiest way for me when I started. If you’d like me to try out any other methods please let me know in the comments section and I will set aside some material to do so~ Continue reading “Scanlation Basics: Unbinding Manga”

Manga Review: Life is Money

This was one of the mangas Pies recommended to me, it was the first one out of her many fantastic recommendations I decided to read. It totally caught my eye because most of the manga she listed were romance, except this one. No, this was suspense and horror, just what I needed after a whole season of shoujo romance anime. Make it rain!


Fukurokuji Meguru is working hard to raise money for his little sister, Mawaru’s heart transplant surgery. After being scammed from the money he worked so hard to save up, Mawaru’s conditions worsens. While taking out his frustration in a local bar, Meguru was approached by Torameshi who offered him the chance to win the 100 million yen he desperately needs. Now together with 9 other contestants, Meguru must survive 10 days inside a mental prison hell in order to save Mawaru’s life. Continue reading “Manga Review: Life is Money”

Scanlation Basics: Scanning Manga

Hey guys, welcome back to the next section of my scanlation tutorials!
In this article I’m actually going to talk about the difference between several types of scanners and do some comparison, rather than walking you guys through step-by-step. I don’t think there’s any secret in putting a piece of paper on some glass or in a document feeder… Continue reading “Scanlation Basics: Scanning Manga”

Manga Review: Brothers Conflict Ft.Natsume

Hi guys, since we (like AOCT) just finished scanlating the Brothers Conflict Feat. Natsume spin-off, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to attempt my first (ever) review of a series. Anyhow let’s see how this goes!


To start off, this is quite obviously a shoujo series, it’s pretty short with just 2 volumes totalling 10 chapters + a side story epilogue. The parent story (Brothers Conflict) was a reverse harem light novel series that was adapted into 2 otome games, and later a 12 episode anime series with 3 OVAs. The story revolves around the events of the light novel and focuses on Natsume, the 7th brother in the series and the youngest of the triplets. He works at a game corporation and doesn’t find out about the existence of his younger step-sister, Ema, until the day of his mother’s wedding. And as fate has it, Ema is a gamer girl. Continue reading “Manga Review: Brothers Conflict Ft.Natsume”

Scanlation Basics : Croping & Levelling Raws

Hai guys, this is my first time writing a detailed tutorial so please bear with me! Feel free to tweak parts for your own use. If you think there’s a better or alternative way to do any of the process documented below please kindly let me know through the comments section, and I will try it out at a later time. Continue reading “Scanlation Basics : Croping & Levelling Raws”